Bad news for Samsung users: Some samsung phones are sending your camera photos(Sometimes all photos) to your contacts without owners permission. According to reports Samsung's default messaging app called  Samsung Messages is sending camera roll photos to contacts.
Another thing is that there is no evidence in messaging app it does not even show that the files have been sent. Users find out this bug after they get a response from the recipient.

A list of complaints have been spotted on Reddit and the Samsung's Community Official Forum. Latest models like Samsung S8, Note 8, A series etc... are also facing this problem.

Samsung's response to this issue was that they need 20 days and their technical team is looking to solve this bug in next coming update. This bug is happened on the last update. Those who don't have any balance in their phones is not affected.

One Samsung Galaxy S9 user said that the messaging app sent the entire contents of its photo gallery to that person's girlfriend. There is no record in the messaging app but a record is found on the person's phone carrier logs.

To stop this manually remove storage permission from messaging app Settings>Apps>Samsung Messages>Permissions>Storage.