Jio Offering free data with cadbury dairy milk chocolate. This offer is applicable to Cadbury dairy milk chocolates worth Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 40 Rs 100 & also available on Cadbury dairy milk crackle worth Rs. 40, dairy milk roast almond worth Rs. 40, dairy milk fruit and nut worth Rs. 40 and Rs. 80, dairy milk lickables worth Rs. 35. Maximum data available through this offer is 1 GB, Offer available by using Jio app.

Steps to get free Jio 1 GB data.

1. Open Jio app Select the ( get instant tastiest 1GB of data ever slide)

2. On next screen simply participate on free data program. ( which open the camera application )

3. Click the photo of the barcode area of the empty Cadbury dairy milk wrapper.

4. Another message will shown on the next screen "Congratulation you have unlocked 1GB free data"
You can donate or transfer data to your jio account as per the wish.

Terms & Conditions


“Eligible Customer” shall mean an active subscriber of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“RJIL”) who purchases an Eligible Product and scans the bar code available inside the wrapper of the Eligible Product, using MyJio App of the Eligible Customer.

“Eligible Product” shall mean core Cadbury Dairy Milk Stock Keeping Units such as (i) Cadbury Dairy Milk worth Rs. 5/- ;(ii) Cadbury Dairy Milk worth Rs. 10/-;(iii) Cadbury Dairy Milk worth Rs. 20/-; (iv) Cadbury Dairy Milk worth Rs. 40/-; (v) Cadbury Dairy Milk worth Rs. 100/-; (vi) Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle worth Rs.40/-; (vii) Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond worth Rs. 40/-; (viii) Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut worth Rs. 40/-; (ix) Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut worth Rs. 80/-; (x) Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables worth Rs. 35/-.

“MSISDN” means mobile station international subscriber directory number and for the purposes of this Offer, shall mean the mobile number assigned to the Eligible Subscriber for availing RJIL services. “MyJio App” means the application owned and hosted by RJIL. “RJIL Plan” shall mean the plan availed by the Eligible Customer for the purposes of availing the telecommunication services of RJIL, in accordance with the customer application form, applicable law and regulations. “Voucher” shall mean this “Wrapper that gives Activation” voucher made available by Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd (“MIFPL”) to an Eligible Customer.
“Voucher Benefits” shall mean the benefits accruing to the Eligible Customer under the Offer as shown herein-below.
“Voucher Period” shall mean a period on and between [ ] to 30th September 2018.
Voucher Benefits:
An Eligible Customer shall be entitled to avail 1 GB of 4G data, provided by RJIL, over and above its regular data entitlement under an RJIL Plan (“Additional Data”). The Eligible Customer shall have the option to (i) redeem the Additional Data on his/her MSISDN; or (ii) authorize the transfer of the Additional Data in the manner as stipulated in Annexure-A The Eligible Customer can redeem the Additional Data only once per MSISDN and the same would be credited into the MyJio account within 7-8 working days from the date of redemption.

Terms and Conditions:
MIFPL cannot be held responsible for any issues pertaining to redemption of Additional Data by the Eligible Customer.
MIFPL shall not be liable in any manner for any cost or expense incurred for the purpose of redemption of the Voucher. Any costs associated with entering the promotion, including accessing the promotional website, are the responsibility of the Eligible Customer. All decisions of MIFPL regarding the Offer shall be final and binding. Any dispute, difference, proceedings or claim of any nature in connection with the Offer shall be subject the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Terms and condition are provided from App