Digilocker is a service run by the Indian government, which helps Indian citizen to store their physical documents in their smartphone. Nobody want loss their document, so just download the application and upload all your details so you never going to miss it any more.

Digilocker facility can be used through website and mobile app CLICK HERE . Link your Aadhaar with Digilocker so you will get all updates like subsidy, government benefits etc.. You can upload scanned copies of your documents (JPEG, PDF, or PNG format) and access it anywhere you want. You can also e-sign these uploaded documents, like self-attestation of physical documents.

Image provided by Digilocker

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued that all States/UTs to accept digital Driving License and Vehicle RC presented through DigiLocker  Know More 

Image provided by Digilocker

How to use Digilocker ?

1. Go to DigiLocker website or DigiLocker app on your smartphone.  Using your mobile number you can create account (OTP send to your mobile number)

2.Now you can upload your own documents and e-sign them.

3. You also get the facility of sharing documents with others by sharing a link to the e-document.