Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the major social media network in the world. And it is used for spreading misinformation, hate messages and running many illegal activities in India. Whatsapp groups have played a key role in spreading many misinformation and illegal activities. We all know that our whatsapp chat is end-to-end encrypted but they store our metadata and may share with enforcement agencies when they demanded. Police can get your name, IP address, mobile number location, mobile network and your mobile handset type. Under the Information Technology Act 2000 police can arrest you with the support of WhatsApp if you do any of the following things.

1. Whatsapp Group admins can be arrested if any misbehaviour of other members.

2. Indulging and promoting in any kind of body trade and prostitution on WhatsApp.

3. Sharing morphed photos or videos of important personalities on WhatsApp.

4. Harrasing women on WhatsApp.

5. Running a WhatsApp account using someone's name and mobile number.

6. Sending hate meesages about any place of worship or religion with the intention insulting.

7. Spreading rumours or fake news on sensitive(important) topics to incite violence or rioting.

8. Selling and promoting banned items through WhatsApp.

9. Voyeurism or sending video clips of people illegally filmed on WhatsApp.

10. Spreading obscene or pornographic content on WhatsApp.