A kochi based company has launched an application, upUPUP, which connects people to sports, venues and also help users to find co-players. The app is simple and user friendly it helps users to select their desired sports and venues. It helps the users to host a match and invite other people intrested in the hosted match to take part.
The company has tied up with many venues in Kochi, Thrivananthapuram, Calicut, Thrissur. It will soon start operations in Coimbatore, Chennai etc. Through this application an interested player can access to these venues with top facilities. Upgrade your life into a brand new sporty lifestyle through upUPUP.

How to host a match?

1. Open the app.
2. Select match hosting.
3. Click host a match.
4. Next section is about to select the particular sport you wish to host and area, date, time etc.
5. Finally you have to click 'HOST MATCH' after completing all the sections.


The app immediately searches for other players who have a similar interest and sends them a message. If available the other player sends a message back.

upUPUP also helps players to book venues. Those who own grounds and courts will be able to earn revenue by renting out their grounds and courts. The players will need to pay only for the period they will be using the ground.

How to book a venue?

1. Open the app.
2. Select book a venue.
3. There you can find a list of venues and search for your interest by filtering by your sports and areas.
4. Next step is to select the date and time you wish to go and make the payment through online.
5. While making payments you can redeem UPcoins to get discounts.

(You can earn Upcoins by refering it to your friends through social medias. And the referral bonus you have earned can be used for venue bookings.)