YouTube's biggest comedy channel karikku has launched their new video with Tovino Thomas, malayalam movie actor. Karikku with 2.6 million (26 lakh) endorsers drives the rundown of top Malayalam content makers on YouTube. At the point when Nikhil Prasad propelled the advanced stage , in 2017, his objective was unobtrusive. He imagined a million endorsers continuously 2020. Be that as it may, Karikku has 2.6 million supporters, a year sooner. Nikhil, be that as it may, will not escape by its "exponential development."

Nikhil Prasad is using his best subterfuge to make their content most popular among the mallus. After completing 2 years of karikku days they have achieved a big goal according to standard survey.

"We are still in our earliest stages. Significantly more extension is required in the advanced space, when we accomplish that at exactly that point will I say this is the thing that I need. For me Karikku has recently begun," says the multi year-old. He is alluding to the tech, film and music space on the computerized stage. His advantage, at the present time, is in structure the brand.