Google Pay Disco Stamp, Get Disco Stamp Google Pay, How To Get Disco In Google Pay 2020, Google Pay 2020 Offer, How To Get Disco Or Selfie, Get Disco Stamp Google Pay 2020 Offer Here we are with the best proved method to get Disco Stamp on Google pay.


Here we are posting some better tricks that already tested and finished successfully. 

1. First of all this is an official offer So just add ₹98 to OLA money wallet. Don’t Worry You will Get it Back!!

2. Open Given Link Using your Google Pay App and Try Your Luck to Get Any Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Offer.
                                                              [ OPEN THIS ]

3. Tap On Ola Banner and it will Redirect you to Ola Page.

4. Tap on Continue and Allow Location.

5. Log In using your Mobile Number and Go to Add Money Section.

6. Or Just Download Ola Money App and Login. (You need Full KYC to add Money)

7. Add Rs.100 using Google Pay Option.

8. Go to Withdraw option Now and Add your Bank Details.

9. You will Get instant Bank transfer with a Charge of Rs.4

10. You have Good chance to Get Disco Or Selfie Stamp.


Google is recommending this 2 below methods today to get the Selfie Stamp.

1st Method To Get Selfie Stamp :-
Do 2 Bill Payments – Make Bill Payments Of ₹300 Or More Using Google Pay App.  After 2nd Payment You Could Get Free Selfie Stamp.

2nd Method To Get Selfie Stamp :- 
Refer 2 Friends – Refer Your 2 Friends With Your Google Pay Referral Code & Tell Them To Do ₹1 first Transaction. You Could Win Selfie Stamp By Referring 2 friends as Per Google.

[Try Luck] How To Get Disco & Selfie Stamp In Google Pay 2020 Offer :

This method is totally luck base but it is verified by me and by one of my friend personally. So Just give a Try to Get A Selfie Stamp In Google Pay 2020 Offer.

1. First of All all you have to need is 6 DJ and 6 Balloon Stamps in Your Google Pay 2020 Offer.

2. Gift 5 DJ Stamps and 5 Balloon Stamps to Different Different Users.

3. Ask all that 10 Different Persons to Collect DJ Stamps and Balloon Stamps.

4. After your friend will Collect that stamps, You will get 5 Return Gift Stamps.

5. Open it and you have 70 to 80% Chance to Get a Selfie or Disco Stamp.

To get DISCO Stamp Send your extra TOFFEE, PIZZA, SELFIE Stamps [ SEND HERE ]

To get SELFIE Stamp Send your extra DISCO, TOFFEE, PIZZA stamps [ SEND HERE ]