WhatsApp is in a mission to curb misinformation spread through the platform. During the time of corona-virus outbreak whatsapp has been on the front end to restrict this issue. As in the previous update of whatsapp they have reduced the number of forwarded message and now they have joined the International Fact-checking Network (IFCN).

In order to check users are receiving right news, they have to connect it with Fact-checkers all around the world. It is simple to connect the users with Fact-checkers from 70 countries. IFCN release their own whatsapp chatbot that precisely deals wit this issue. As mentioned above whatsapp users need to submit claim and these fact-checkers will get on the job and tell you whether the news piece you sent in was fake or not.

How to connect with IFCN chatbot?
Since the IFCN bot is free to use, users have to add this number (+1 (727) 2912606) to your contact and send "Hi" to start the process, instead of sending message you can also head to http://poy.nu/ifcnbot this link will help for direct approach.